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The 2013-14 New Haven Schools Science Fair will be held on May 12-14, 2014
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19th Annual New Haven Science Fair
at Commons Hall, Yale University
May 12-14th, 2014- Grades PreK-12

The New Haven Science Fair Program (formerly the Olin-Yale-Bayer-New Haven Public School Science Fair) was started in 1995 with seven test schools. This past year over 8000 New Haven students and 43 schools participated, utilizing more than 160 volunteers for mentoring and judging. The program is dedicated to improve the quality of education, and particularly science and math education in the New Haven Public Schools Grades Pre-K through 12.

The New Haven Science Fair Program is truly a partnership involving businesses, universities, associations, foundations, and private citizens, working with the public schools' teachers, students, and administrators, and the students' parents. The goal of the program is to work with children and teachers from Pre-K to 12, to help them carry out investigative hands-on science fair projects, in order to promote skills in critical thinking, science process and communication

Funding for the Program this year comes from New Haven Public Schools, Yale University, Sigma Xi Yale Chapter, Covidien, Watershed Fund of the Regional Water Authority, Bayer Healthcare, The United Illuminating Company, Fusco Management Company LLC, Science Park Development Corporation, G.M. Leahy, M.J. Spannuth, and the Dennis Bornick Fund.

The New Haven Science Fair Program is administered by the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce, 900 Chapel Street, 10th Floor, New Haven, CT 06510 Tel: (203) 787-6735 - Fax: (203) 782-4329 -

Monday, MAY 12, 2014

7:30-4:00 PM Project Drop Off, Yale Commons

4:00-9:00 PM Pre Judging

Tuesday, MAY 13, 2014

9:15-12:00 Students at Fair for Live Judging. Press, ED staff invited (no parents)


Wednesday, MAY 14, 2014

8:00-6:00 PM Project PickUp and Public Viewing

6:30 -9:00 PM Awards Ceremony SSS Hall

See Entire Science Fair Manual!

Following are important forms from the Science Fair Manual:
0.      Science Fair Evaluation Forms
0.      Science Fair Mentor Request Form
0.      SRC Rules, Guidelines and Forms
0.      Science Fair Participation Form
0.      Science Fair Project Board Request Forms
0.      New Haven Schools Science Curriculum Overview
Following forms are specifically for teachers
0.      What is a Science Fair Project?
0.      Parts of a Science Fair Project
0.      Asking a Good Science Fair Question
0.      What makes a Good Experiment?
Following forms are specifically for students
0.      What makes a Good Experiment?
0.      Lab Notebook
0.      Research Lab Paper
0.      Working Groups/Categories/Divisions

JUDGES NEEDED! Judges are needed to judge projects on late Mon afternoon May 13, and the morning of May 14th to interview students. It is a great way to get involved with young scientists! Judges Infobr> Mentors are always welcome


Channel8 Coverage May 14, Channel 30 Coverage May 14

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