District Wellness Committee

Our History & Purpose: 2001-Present
Since October 2001, when the New Haven Public Schools and New Haven Health Department formed the District-wide Nutrition Committee, it has been a model for implementing innovative policies, programs and efforts that promote healthy behaviors and choices in schools. The Committee first reviewed the status of nutrition in the schools, including vending machines and food service meals, which resulted in replacing unhealthy snacks/beverages with healthier options and providing timers on the machines.  In August 2003, a Central Kitchen facility opened, offering healthier food to New Haven students.  The “Healthy Kids First” program was launched in 2004 that replaced the “popular” junk food snacks with healthy snacks sold during lunch; banned candy, soda and bake sales during school hours; encouraged alternatives to candy/food  school fundraisers and discouraged the use of food as rewards or incentives.