World Languages Department


The mission of the NHPS World Language Department is to promote cultural awareness, to provide students with linguistic skills in more than one language and to prepare students to grow and succeed within their own and other global communities.
All students in grades 7-12 in New Haven have the opportunity to study world languages.  Depending on the school, our students may learn Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Latin or Spanish.   Knowing another language expands students’ career possibilities, increases their cross-cultural understanding, and improves their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in their native language.  It prepares them for the 21st Century world!
World language teachers have been intensifying their instruction around the practice of skills related to the Common Core State Standards. For example, world language teachers help students to learn strategies for remembering vocabulary, searching for meaning in complex texts, listening intently for a purpose, and speaking in front of an audience, all in another language!  We continue to work with our colleagues in other subject areas to continue to build these important skills that students need to be successful in college and in life.
The national foreign language standards that we have been using for 15 years align  with the Common Core.  Read an article about the links between Common Core and World Languages here.
Last year, the Level I and Level III curricula were completely revised, and a Fifth/Sixth Grade Curriculum was added for Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish.  Latin maintains a separate curriculum.  View the Grade 6-Level IV Curriculum At-A-Glance in the file below or learn more about our programs here.