Magnet Schools

New Haven Public Schools- Magnet Office
54 Meadow Street, First Floor
New Haven, CT 06519
Our Mission
In addition to providing effective and innovative educational practices, the schools are designed to foster student enrollment patterns that reflect racial, ethnic and economic diversity.
Families must apply to New Haven Public School of Choice. Students are placed in schools through a lottery.  For more information about the application process, please click here!
Who Can Apply
The lottery is open to all New Haven residents and follows basic principles of fairness.  Families can list up to three choices on the application.  Students are assigned to one of their choices through a random selection process.  If there are no openings at any of their choices, students are placed on a waiting list.
Admission Preferences
There are two types of preferences given to appliacnts: sibling and neighborhood.  All schools give preference to siblings of students currently enrolled.  siblings are defined as brothers and sisters living in the same household with the same parent(s).
Neighborhood schools give first preference to students living within the attendance zone of that school.
For more information about New Haven Schools of Choice and the Magnet Lottery, contact the Magnet School Office at 203-946-7415.
For registration questions please call 203-946-8501
Please visit The New Haven Magnet Schools website