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New Haven Public Schools offers an exciting array of schools with unique themes and programs, community partnerships and rigorous academic learning.
This year, we are making some BIG CHANGES that respond directly to what parents have been asking for!
There will be ONE enrollment process and ONE School Placement Process for all Magnet Schools, Charter Schools, ACES Schools and Kindergarten seats in Neighborhood Schools.   We hope you’ll find the new process clearer and simpler to navigate.
For questions, contact the Choice and Enrollment Office at 475-220-1431 
New Haven Public Schools Proudly Provides:

  • Free full-day kindergarten
  • Free Transportation to all Magnet, Charter, ACES schools and most Neighborhood schools
  • Free Pre-Kindergarten for 3 and 4-year-olds at Magnet schools

Who can apply?
New Haven residents can apply to any magnet, neighborhood or charter school in the city.  We serve special education students, English language learners, and talented and gifted students. No student may be denied enrollment because of race, ethnicity or disability. There are no admission requirements, tests, or prerequesites.*
Understanding the Process
With the new unified School Choice enrollment process, you will be asked to fill out one application that allows you to select up to FOUR school choices, including PreK—12 for Magnet, Neighborhood, ACES and Charter schools. Remember, you do not have to pick FOUR choices. In fact, you should ONLY select schools that you would be happy for your child to attend.
The School Choice Enrollment Catalog and application becomes available on Feb. 3, 2017. In addition to a paper application, we offer an online application available at www.newhavenmagnetschools.com. Here are the steps:
Apply using the paper or online application beginning February 1, 2017. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS SUNDAY, MARCH 5, 2017.
You will receive a Receipt Letter of your Application within two weeks for paper applications and immediately for online applications.
RE KINDERGARTEN Enrollment Dates:
Kindergarten Students-New Haven Residents Only: Starting February 20, 2017   
Please bring the following documents to the Choice & Enrollment Office  at 54 Meadow St., 1st Floor.
1. Photo ID of parent/guardian
2. Child’s Birth Certificate or Passport
3. Proof of residency:  Current utility bill or lease/mortgage papers with parent/guardian name
School Placement Process ( formerly called Lottery):

  • The School Placement Process will be held on Wednesday, April 5, in the 2nd floor boardroom at 54 Meadow Street at 10:00am. 

Understanding Neighborhood and Sibling Preferences
In many schools, New Haven offers preference to students who live within the attendance zone of the school. All Neighborhood schools and some Magnet and Charter schools have attendance zones. To find your child’s attendance zone, visitwww.nhps.net or www.newhavenmagnetschools.com. New Haven is also committed to giving priority to families wishing to have their children enrolled together in school. This is called Sibling Preference, and it applies when a student applicant has a sibling already enrolled at the school of choice.
The order of preference goes like this:

  1. Sibling & Neighborhood (top preference) – has sibling in the school and lives in attendance zone
  2. Neighborhood Only – no sibling in the school, but lives in the attendance zone
  3. Sibling Only – has sibling in the school, but lives outside attendance zone
  4. Sibling Linking - has two or more siblings applying to the same school(s) in the same order and checks sibling linking. This linking helps to place siblings in the same school or on the waiting list with a lower number. This preference is only applied during the first placement round on April 5
  5. No preference – no sibling in the school and lives outside the attendance zone

Due to seat limitations, there is no guarantee that any child will be placed in a particular school.