Healthy Schools Program

NHPS is proud to announce a new partnership with Alliance for a Healthier Generation, or AHG (Bill Clinton Foundation and American Heart Association), a national organization that is dedicated to improving the health of children. We will be a participating as a District in their Healthy Schools Program, which assists Districts in making their schools healthier learning environments that promote both health and school success. We are also participating in a research piece that will provide each participating school with $500 per year for 4 years!
The HSP outlines criteria in 7 areas to be recognized as a Healthy School for 3 different levels of achievement (bronze, silver and gold).Please visit their website for details:
Healthy Schools Program
What is Required from Schools to Participate?

  1. Schools must have a school wellness committee, led by a facilitator.
  2. Schools must assess their schools using their School Health Inventory.
  3. Prinicipals must sign an MOU (for research piece) to receive the yearly monetary award.
  4. Schools work closely with District Coordinator and the HSP coordinators to identify, plan and evaluate initiatives that help them to achieve Healthy School recognition.

What Do Participating Schools Receive?

  1. Ongoing personal and technical support and resources from their HSP regional coordinator OR their virtual team (depending on which group your school was placed for research piece).
  2. Monetary support (for schools in research piece) - $500 per year for 4 years.
  3. Materials, training and ongoing support from District coordinators.
  4. RECOGNITION and MONEY!! from District and Nationally:
  • If school acheives any level of achievement (bronze, silver or gold), one member from each school will attend (all expenses paid) the annual national HSP recognition convention, hosted by Bill Clinton.
  • School will receive large HSP recognition banner for their school.

Monetary Awards-for every level achieved, school will receive monetary award from the Healthier US Challenge organization (Let's as follows:
Bronze: $500
Gold: $1,500
Gold with distinction: $2,000
Bronze Medal Winners for the 2014-2015 School Year:
Columbus Family Academy
East Rock Magnet School
King/Robinson Magent School
Nathan Hale School