2013-14 School Learning Environment Surveys

New Haven Public Schools continued its focus on strengthening school climate with the release of the 2013-14 School Learning Environment Survey. The surveys show positive climate and strong student and parent engagement at many schools, with ongoing work to improve climate a continued priority both at specific schools and across the district. 
The Learning Environment Survey (also referred to as the climate survey) gathers feedback from students, parents, teachers and school staff on a variety of measures grouped into five categories: academic expectations, communication, collaboration, engagement, and safety and respect. The Learning Environment Survey is a key component of New Haven School Change and was developed collaboratively by school leaders, teachers, and parents to support school improvement efforts.

To see the 2013-14 NHPS School Learning Environment Survey results for all schools, click here.
 To see the full 2013-14 NHPS School Learning Environment Survey Press Release, click here.