NHPS Opens Online Stores with BSN…..

The New Haven School District Athletic Department is excited and proud to announce its partnership with BSN Sports, Inc., that will open school athletic and activity apparel and supply websites at Wilbur Cross and Hillhouse High Schools.
Links to the Hillhouse and Wilbur Cross stores are as follows:
Other New Haven schools will be added to the partnership in the very near future.  The athletic apparel websites will offer a multitude of Team and School club and program gear for sale.  These high quality and competitively priced items can be customized with approved School colors, logos and graphics through the store options allowing students, staff, parents and fans alike to show off their School pride.  School, team and program fundraising can also be accommodated through this one-stop shopping portal and with the support of the Athletic Department as needed.
As part of this program negotiated rebates derived through the online stores will be utilized to supplement athletic budgets at each school through a program which will support team uniform purchases and other program needs that will serve to both support the Athletic programs with high quality state of the art apparel and also create cost savings for the District to support fiscal sustainability.